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Yangshuo C.Source West Street Residence, located in the center of yangshuo west street, adjacent to the river.C Source-West Street Residence Yangshuo during the Ming and qing dynasties called flower and jiangxi hall, the main building was built in the qing dynasty emperor qianlong years, it has been 260 years of history, yangshuo is one of the few ancient buildings, is the national county-level cultural relics protection units.[View Detail]

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  • mao Home
    Quiet, excellent location.
  • randie
    Liked the hotel, rooms are distinctive and very clean spacious and is located in the Centre of West Street, very quiet. service is also very good, if you come to West Street, will stay again next time.
  • onecoup
    Found a quiet accommodation in the heart of the West the street must be selected here, not disturbed by the busy shopping crowd at night
  • e00389919
    Very good, located in West Central Street, got a taste of the decoration.
  • FCRandy
    Middle right, pursue value can stay, location is fine, good style ... but a bit dated, and outside greenery
  • amteric
    Great tunes of the hotel, on West Street, very convenient, rooms are also very good, faster than expected.
  • capusle
    Hotel very good! a quiet hotel on West Street, Mong Kok, well, next time, if you are interested to suggest this hotel, Guilin, but this hotel is not like Internet, direct micro-set will be a little cheaper, hotel food, produced very OK
  • cccp2003
    Location is excellent, in the center of the West, in a quiet, very suitable for families with children travel for the elderly and ready to stroll around, wanted to return to the hotel to rest, they rest, and a long history of old shop style very much, next time will choose!
  • foxbaibai
    Hotel location is very good, in the middle of West Street, the best is the front very noisy, but room was quiet, go out eating shopping is very convenient.
  • asrblove
    Room very nice, convenient, core area of West Street, very good.
  • mmy1987
    Location is really good, West Street, junction not far from West Street, in a quiet, very comfortable. room was good, big enough, there are balconies. hillside, was the big bug surprise to come back every night. noise of the air conditioning is too loud.
  • annie5923
    Changed my travel view of hotel, very good ...
  • woailvyou666
    On West Street, very good location, in front of restaurants, good barbecue in the evening, the room is quite clean, shower great, is the room is a little dry taste.
  • bentong
    Hotels in West Street Centre, great location very quiet, the noise of the street is completely isolated, surprise, very satisfied; decoration is also very special.
  • cross1017
    Very nice hotel, very convenient, service
  • lejren
    Good hotel in the noise a little quiet. renovated. convenient travel.
  • bug0501
    Price/performance is not very high.
  • gb7658
    Stayed for 4 nights, nice, mostly quiet, yelling outside wouldn't hear, and decoration is also good, staff meeting greeted the initiative, ask tour will also answer questions, but not overly friendly. If is the hotel supplies the recommendations to improve the grade point, especially the toothbrush.
    The hotel is very comfortable, location is not easy, and for a long time to find.
  • leslielyly
    Hotel facilities are very good, very unique. very good. is the hotel does not have a breakfast, not very convenient.
  • liangjane98
    Very good
  • Sister Annie
    Comfortable, quiet room
  • e03155505
    Environment is very good, really be naozhongqujing, on West Street, and is especially convenient
  • peipei110
    Toilet odors are heavier. OK. shower water is very large, very comfortable, very soft and very comfortable bed.
  • Toland
    On West Street, and the location is very good
  • e01586785
    Help a friend with a booked the hotel last year, they came back and said well, excellent value!
  • bottle91
    Location, room facilities, services are quite good, but room is too humid, presumably because the first floor, this room is shady, behind a mountain, very humid room humidifier is not working, quilt is wet. hotel is well worth living but it is not recommended to choose this room!
  • emma0426
    Front desk staff were very friendly, helped a lot. West Street, old courtyards.
  • lear_wy
    Is part of the historical building of Jiangxi Guild Hall on the whole a sense of history in the middle section of West Street lanes naozhongqujing excellent service can help you book tours, chartered a little breakfast feel inconvenience is not living in the family room on the second floor of building floor layout can live four to five-person household
  • arabamou
    The antique, the elders were satisfied. hotel location naozhongqujing.
  • lu628925
    On a busy street in the West, which is very convenient. decoration very stylish, and although in downtown, but the room is very quiet, not bad!
  • beateric
    Awesome! also upgraded the room. thanks!
  • AlexCool
    Decor ethnic style
  • ctf001688
    Live on the 3 floor, the room was quiet, at the foot of the good
  • tallboy
    Location is very good naozhongqujing recommended
  • e00165575
    When Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty architecture, rooms simple, space large enough. very good sound insulation, West Street fights in the evening almost not hear. front desk service, free mosquito control drugs.
  • bonnieleexy
    Man, is said to be good, is after the air conditioner is hot upstairs, downstairs is very cold because an air conditioner blows hot air reciprocating upstairs
  • E02293275
    Environmental repair very well is the front desk a bit cold
  • db230799
    Too romantic inns, houses nervous, too hot
  • A Gou
    In the streets of the West, but in a quiet, very quiet. all aspects of the environment are all fine
  • flyangel01
    The decoration of the hotel special, but furniture smell in the room, air is not so good.
  • lucyreimann
    Hotel was good, just the ground floor room is a mosquito!
  • caoyu555
    In a quiet, convenient to the West Street is ... more humid room on the first floor, in addition the price without breakfast, price/performance is not very high.
  • DrBilly
    More Chinese style of residence, but in Yangshuo 458 Yuan per night price is a little expensive! room facilities, but health. trash can next to the walls were dirty, wallpaper is a bit off of the bed!
  • candylgtang
  • ayun3129522
    Hotel is located in the West of West Street, the most popular places is convenient to leisurely stroll out on the street is particularly lively in the evening and white felt like hotel style antique West Street preferred is the car pull in outside parking lot and walk to the hotel in about 10 minutes or so
  • e02028566
    On West Street, the location is good, room nice and clean, go out the street address of crowded, but the room is very quiet and does not interfere with sleep
  • Basara
    1, very not recommends live a floor, because room has a mold taste, especially just returned to room Shi of that a odor (like is toilet of taste), let people cannot stand. check out Shi, front desk said has recommends had I for room, actually fundamental no this back thing. room are back has, also said this, also has what with does. 2, room inside no refrigerator. in this more than 30 more degrees of hot summer in, returned to room drink not to ice of beer and beverage, is a how of bright. asked has front desk, Says no refrigerator in every room. sadness. 3, when, says check out invoice open; check out, say no to invoicing. everyone to think twice before booking
  • lesilepeng
    People always like to feature at a time, forcing full place. it's not let me down. front desk attitude is very good. have the opportunity to come back ~
  • fandong55
    Absolutely live is the oldest hotel, formerly the Hall of Guangxi, cultural relics protection units. rooms are duplex, children live happy, air conditioning is to force out is West Street, very convenient, the most important is one o'clock are not noisy