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Xi shuo Yuan Jing Pin Min su (Yangshuo Xi Jie Gong Guan Dian) (Yangshuo C.Source West Street Residence), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Dans la Cour classique, que ce soit le style chinois dans son ensemble, ou bien la vaisselle de porcelaine claire sur les murs, sont des rimes historiques.Liu San soeur, Guilin qiangqing et ainsi de suite, la sortie est la rue principale de l 'Ouest, une rue de la gastronomie, une rue près de Yitian West Street.Supermarchés, restaurants, bars, etc.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.'Br maison d 'hébergement en herbe d' une personne contre une tasse de thé, une tasse, une serviette, une serviette de bain à haute température empoisonnée, le guichet des billets d 'accueil organise des voyages pour les visiteurs, etc...Un chaleureux salutations, une tasse de thé vert vous permet de dire au revoir bruyant, un service attentionné et amical vous permet de profiter de la chaleur de votre maison à Yangshuo.
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Commentaires Plus
  • Andrewferne
    Inn on West Street is a typical quiet, upscale
  • lejren
    Good hotel in the noise a little quiet. renovated. convenient travel.
  • oasis2018
    Inside the hotel on West Street, car trouble, vehicles can only be parked in the street car park, holiday park day and night to 100, plus 50 next day after 12. hotel is distinctive, classical-romantic decoration and matching style, very quiet out in the lively hotel, holiday half price rise, but on West Street in the street at night.
  • cyorin0102
    Hotel is very nice, but is relatively new to a lot of people don't know, very simple, rooms very special, very large, that is too damp on the first floor, the quilt is a little Chao
  • mingjue
    Very good hotel, antique features, go out the busy West Street, but feels a little less noisy in the hotel. the service is also very good, warm and thoughtful. feels is the best hotel in Yangshuo.
  • randie
    Liked the hotel, rooms are distinctive and very clean spacious and is located in the Centre of West Street, very quiet. service is also very good, if you come to West Street, will stay again next time.
  • e00107447
    In a quiet, Deluxe family room, feeling great! Hotel service is also very good!
  • Abba the music button
    Friends stay, location is good, very good, good service and high cost performance
  • fang001212
    Room is very characteristic without hair dryer but Centre good health on West Street next time will stay
  • david_jsj
    It was once Jiang XI, grade decoration atmosphere, location, highly recommended ~ ~
  • Docmo273
    Look I thought wrong, have a sense of loss, it makes me feel, is the second interview Lou on washing water is ground into the living room, looking to improve service
  • rinajoo
    In a quiet, very good
  • ada9u605
    From West Street to facilitate
  • e05813015
    Hotel is located in downtown Yangshuo West Street Hotel classical elegance, great charm. is that there is no elevator, such as travel carry luggage heavier or the elderly, the less convenient up and down stairs.
  • carryonfelix
    Ditto evaluation
  • a210042
    Hotel in good location, facilities were very good and front desk staff was very polite and helpful, the hotel itself is culturally, unfortunately there is no elevator/window and see the scenery, too few parking spaces in parking lot.
  • adamno
    This hotel outside see with ugly, inside is chic. such of old floor also made Hotel maximum problem is planning, hardware, and service. surprisingly of are good. health on not said has, didn't what can pick. furniture bed with must not make do, are compared about. bath water enough big, bath supplies also not casually lost have mixture. location on in West Street, travel, dinner are is convenient. worth experience, recommended!
  • iris_926
    Very Chinese and very tasty, big room. position at the West end, be naozhongqujing. eating shopping convenience.
  • ellaling520
    Room was very nice. arguably is the most beautiful hotel in West Street. but the room is also the largest. geographical location on West Center Street. but the room was very quiet. strongly recommend everyone go live. will to surprise an inmate.
  • big2266
    Location is good, service is good, room is very characteristic, is a bit noisy at night, not suitable for the elderly children.
  • d02910239
    Hotels in West Central Street District, the location is very good, with static in the Mong Kok, the decoration of the hotel's unique, double room are recommended, next time will stay
  • bypasster
    Hotel on in West Street Center, for wants to shopping this article famous of West Street of visitors very convenient, hotel decoration has features, has ancient meaning, room does compared big, facilities also is new, so also has some decoration of smell. front desk of small girl attitude also is friendly of. General for compared satisfaction, to front desk Advisory of problem also are compared enthusiasm and facts. mention II a small recommends, hope hotel can better. a is recommends employees for Shang unified clothing, employees wear of variety,Personal think for hotel of grade has effect. II is clean room of employees to strengthening training, sometimes saw guest somewhat blind. we of blanket heap in Chair Shang, day back Hou also is mess to heap in Chair Shang, free placed in ground of slippers also no pendulum neatly. see of out, boss is spent has mind of, if also to Yangshuo, also will again select. facts of evaluation, hope can on later who has help.
  • Basara
    1, very not recommends live a floor, because room has a mold taste, especially just returned to room Shi of that a odor (like is toilet of taste), let people cannot stand. check out Shi, front desk said has recommends had I for room, actually fundamental no this back thing. room are back has, also said this, also has what with does. 2, room inside no refrigerator. in this more than 30 more degrees of hot summer in, returned to room drink not to ice of beer and beverage, is a how of bright. asked has front desk, Says no refrigerator in every room. sadness. 3, when, says check out invoice open; check out, say no to invoicing. everyone to think twice before booking
  • Xiao ?? Zhang
    Hotel is located in West Street Center points, on in that seat mountain Xia, very convenient. this thought in Center points will is noisy, but actually, does very quiet. hotel where building is Yangshuo of Jiangxi Hall site, has history value, in this based Shang, tie hotel of modern Chinese decoration, is harmony has charm. I is first times staying also has free cycling borrowed, three between room didn't people a Taiwan cycling or three double people car. Unfortunately night Yangshuo rain lightning, hotel blackout, hotel is no preparedCandle or flashlight, emergency supplies to guest, until to morning only recovery power. but, next day Hotel boss on to we explained is due to hotel just opened some service also needed improved, and commitment will corrected. total of said, in Yangshuo, temporarily this between hotel is most satisfaction of, worth recommended. recommends live three layer of room, than larger, addition II layer some room is small duplex, also is good.
  • bingdelia
    Hotel location have no say, really be naozhongqujing, receptionist was very warm, the décor of the hotel I would like, there are vegetable sponge, really good ... will recommend to other friends, price really high. But you want to make some suggestions; One room is only TV and set-top box remote control, no way to turn the TV off completely, the receptionist said, but not in my room, so you want to get up to turn off the TV, to a singularly lazy like me whoNot big. Two rooms have spare pillows in the closet, but not put on pillow cases, did not always check, when I want to use moldy, I can't lie in bed watching TV, the ointment. want extra pillowcases on the pillows, frequent replacement. Third, the toothpaste with no lid and toothpaste hard contusion and broken, a trial to trial. Even though you have done very well, but I hope that you are able to make more progress, YangshuoRod's most distinctive hotels.
  • eriv8
    Bosses were very friendly, room was very clean and tidy, next time come live here!
  • Janetbb2009
    Overall was a very nice hotel, good location, quiet, is not satisfied with the two points., shower water pressure is not enough, the water temperature is not stable. II, hotel did not intend to drink, nothing to drink yourself to buy.
  • L.S.L
    Great location and really comfortable
  • lear_wy
    Is part of the historical building of Jiangxi Guild Hall on the whole a sense of history in the middle section of West Street lanes naozhongqujing excellent service can help you book tours, chartered a little breakfast feel inconvenience is not living in the family room on the second floor of building floor layout can live four to five-person household
  • t5lisa
    Environment around the hotel, located in West Street, have their own independent yard. decoration style is not bad, is the device die, my living room TV stand screws are loose, drawers drop. to fall down at any moment.
  • cclin1973
    Go West Street crowd is very, very quiet hotel, stay comfortable. breakfast is excellent.
  • evayao1201
    Let joy! Chinese-style mansion in the West Street naozhongqujing. kids love double room, big bar is also very convenient.
  • bojiege
    Great smell in the room, front desk staff was not professional enough.
    Think is Yangshuo most has features of hotel. locations in West Street of are Center, out is a downtown. hotel in November 2012 only trial, very new. boss is Sino-foreign joint venture, Guilin people and foreigners with open of. Design is has China wind, especially hotel of lobby, aisle, is a three into type of garden, so although is located in West Street Center, but housing very quiet. shop within Liao Manager and the front desk service personnel very nice, each see will and you greeted.Overall, the room is on the second floor, there are a few rooms with open bathtub. Design decorations of the rooms is different, and a strong sense of design. after themselves or their friends in the past, would recommend this hotel! if you want to say shortcomings, is the wardrobe design and large red doors didn't like. lol.
  • gdwufeng
    Very nice, clean and decoration kept Jiang XI style, warm and thoughtful service, next time you have a chance to go, also lived here.
  • jdrepus2
    On West Street in the very hotel, very cozy, romantic!
  • bjtusy
    Hotel location very good, on in West Street of among, shopping tired has directly can back Hotel ~~~ Hotel of employees looks seems is boss and boss, service is good, last go of when back finished room also help called has taxi, because West Street is Street, taxi only stopped Street, was thought checkout has certainly to himself out has, results inside of employees also is is enthusiastic of help we mention with luggage sent we to taxi Shang only go, too moved has ~~~ room actually also is temperatureXin, a high price for this price ~ ~ recommended ~ ~ ~
  • JANET1234
    The trip ran in 3 provinces (gulangyu Island, Yangshuo, Phoenix), has surprised me the most was the hotel. with the store's own words; the hotel is focused on Taoist culture and culture. great sense of culture, location was good, went out back and quiet way. in short, highly recommended!
  • silviajun
    Hotel is located in the center of West Street, in a quiet ... nice and very new, next time will stay.
  • ryanli1979
    Compared with so-called high-star hotel this hotel had transformed my expectations I think if you go to Yangshuo, I will be selecting the location of health facilities bed linen consumables are good service more is not recommended stay!
  • e00140555
    Very good great harmony, we are astatine qualify every detail will be good, very good
  • e02353716
    Staff friendly, service levels, and clean and tidy, there is room to grow
  • marer
    Very clean, location on West Street, convenient shopping for dinner, will consider in the future, and again if the price offer will be better.
  • lesliedpl
    U have Chinese elements, each place is a scene, room air conditioner is very large, although in the West the street but not noisy at all, the gate is a scene from West Street, service very good and out of active greeting
  • E02293275
    Environmental repair very well is the front desk a bit cold
  • artceramic
    Nice entrance is West Street is very quiet
  • guofu
    Good location, convenient traffic, service also good!
  • rivers_543
    Hotel new decoration, very quiet, clean. standard between of bed also very big, seems 1.4 meters of bed, very pays! but retest room very bad, price your, and sleep of when also no TV can see (only in rest living room see TV), this very bad, while winter staying words also very bad, retest room very big, air conditioning also hard playing up. (Possession in November, air conditioning not up), and guests yourself is invoiced tax cut, non-Often uncomfortable!
  • byemylove
    Location is unique, very convenient!
  • e05079565
    Known as West Street is a commodity market, although the location of the hotel in the Center, room and health conditions worth 688 the price at all, no cost. parking the hotel is quite far away, thanks to the luggage did not take down. In conclusion it will certainly come again